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Siding Services

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Siding Services

Roy Briley General Contracting (aka Roy Briley Property Services) provides siding services and shingles including siding replacement and siding repairs. You may be confused on what type of siding material is right for your home depending on your needs or the area you live in. Roy Briley General Contracting can help you discuss the properties of your home and what materials may be a better fit. 

We currently offer fiber cement, cedar shingles, and cedar lap shingles. Fiber cement siding is one of the most top sidings to choose from with a number of colors and types to choose from iF YOU are looking for a product that is long-lasting in wear, color, and protection you may want to consider using real cedar or high grades of cedar shingles. Learn more about the siding types we offer down below.


Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is a very popular siding today. From lap siding to shingle sidewalls JAMES HARDIE offers a variety of profiles to fit the architectural design of any residential or commercial property. Also offering several panel
systems to achieve a contemporary effect. Many fiber cement products are insect impervious. Also, it is offered with a class A fire rating and can be pre-painted. For this, Roy Briley General Contracting recommends the JAMES HARDIE COLOR PLUS painting system. Just ask a Roy Briley General Contracting representative for more information and actual product color samples.


Cedar Shingles

There are many different grades of cedar shingle siding. Roy Briley General Contracting uses only the highest grade of cedar shingles. These are sanded and trimmed to offer a very uniform look. Also, the advantage to a premium product is the wear. This product will look better over time compared to an economy grade cedar shingle. This does minimize cupping, cracking, and curling over its lifetime. Roy Briley General Contracting can install it raw, or we can pre-stain the cedar shingles for the highest quality install.

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Cedar Lap Shingles

Real cedar is beautiful. Nothing says the northwest like excellent quality cedar lap siding installed by our professional siding experts. Hand mitered corners, special attention around doors and windows, and a clear sealant makes real cedar lap siding a perfect choice for a perfect home.

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