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Choosing the right Contractor for Roof Repairs in Alaska

As a homeowner who is looking for roofing repair services within their budget and quality work, turn to Roy Briley General Contracting. We are trustworthy and honest in what we do. Roy Briley is licensed and insured with years of experience needed to repair your roof from future damages. In this article, we will describe a few tips on how to choose the right contractor in Alaska or the surrounding areas.

Quality Manufacturers

When choosing a roofing contractor, look for top brands and manufacturers. Roy Briley

General Contracting installs quality composition products from manufacturers such


Licensing and Insurance

Ensure that your roofing contractor has insurance for all employees. You can even request an insurance certificate for further validation, Liza Barth reports. Whether the state you live in requires roofing contractors to have licensing and insurance, always make sure you work with a contractor that does. If not, you may face litigation between the company and the homeowner

Don’t be Pressured

You should never feel pressured when talking to a potential roofing contractor. GAF reports that”. Some contractors say they can work with whatever your insurance company settles upon, however the homeowner needs to ensure it’s not just any amount, but the right amount. The contractor should thoroughly examine the home and check that their insurance adjuster didn’t miss any damages.”

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